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1. How can I register for a course?

You can register for our courses online on our website or contact us directly via our Facebook page and email. We will send you a registration link to fill in. After receiving your registration, we will contact you immediately to give further information! :D

This is our contact information:


Facebook page:

Phone number: +31 6 30 72 74 88

2. Can I learn in offline classrooms?

Unfortunately, we only offer online courses at present. However, please contact us via our contact above for more information regarding this.

3. How many courses can I register?

You can absolutely register for any courses as long as your current level meets the requirements. However, we should advise that you should follow a course that meets your learning needs and matches your current level. Please do not hesitate to register for our course via this link.

4. Can I learn 1-1 with Vietmaster’s teachers?

Along with group learning, we also offer a 1-1 class module for those in need. Additionally, there is a tailor-made class for those who do not want to follow our mainstream curricular. To get this service, you just need to tell us when you are in the consulting session with Vietmaster’s teachers.

5. How can I know if the course suits my level?

After you have filled in our registration form, you will have a FREE consultation with our teachers. In the consulting session, we will assess your Vietnamese level and discuss your learning goals and options. Then you will be assured about which course to study. 

6. How can I pay for the course?

At the moment, you can pay via Paypal. However, bank transfer is also possible if you live in Europe.

7. Can I get refunded for not being able to continue with the registered course?

Unfortunately, you cannot get refunded for being unable to join your registered course. However, the good news for you is that you can reserve your place and study later with us when you can arrange your timetable.

8. Do I have to pay extra for the learning materials?

Of course not. Learning materials are already included in the price of the lessson(s).

9. What if I cannot attend the scheduled lesson(s)?

If you can inform your teacher or send email to Vietmaster about your absence at least 24 hours before the lesson starts, we can arrange a make up class for you. If we are informed less than 24 hours, we unfortunately cannot arrange a make up class for you or refund the lesson(s).

10. Can I change my class schedule during the course?

It depends. If you register tutoring 1-1 class, you can negotiate with your teacher. However, if you attend the class in group, we will remove from your current class, and reserve your place for another.

11. What happens if I have a technical problem while my class is studying?

It is a very unfortunate situation. In case of a technical issue, we will arrange a make up class for you. Contact our hotlines immediately when there is a technical problem. 
Our hotlines (our mobile phone number): +31 6 30 72 74 88 (Ms. Mai Anh) / +46 7 65 66 31 72 (Ms. Thu) / +32 4 94 45 54 41 (Ms. Thao)

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