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Updated: Nov 14, 2022


Vietmaster is very proud of teaching quality as 100% of our teachers are highly qualified and professional. Most of them have Master degrees in teaching and education in Europe. They are also very committed and dedicated to teaching, helping and inspiring students to master Vietnamese and understand Vietnamese cultures.

Ms. Thao Tran

Place of residence: Belgium


  • Master of Educational Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium (Greatest Distinction)

  • Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teacher Education - Honors programme at University of languages and international studies, Vietnam National University

Professional Experience:

  • Experience with teaching Vietnamese to both adults and young learners

  • Project Coordinator Intern at ISF International School, Belgium

  • English Teacher at two Vietnamese universities: National Economics University, and Academy of Policy and Development

  • Years of designing curriculum and teaching English for students at different levels.

Languages Vietnamese, English, Dutch

Philosophy of education: Teaching is a work of heart.

Ms. Thu Đang

Place of residence: Sweden


  • Master of Science with a specialization in Applied Information Technology in Education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teacher Education - Honors programme at University of languages and international studies, Vietnam National University).

Professional Experience:

  • Years of teaching English in Vietnam and 2 years of teaching Vietnamese as a second language to foreigners and overseas Vietnamese

  • English curriculum designer and program coordinator at public schools in Vietnam

  • Elearning material developer and instructional designer at Semcom and Promote International, Sweden

Language: Vietnamese, English, Swedish

Philosophy of education: Learning is a wonderful and challenging journey where learners can explore their potentials with the assistance of their teachers.

Mrs. Mai Anh Bartels

Place of residence: The Netherlands


  • MBA in Education Management, Wittenborg University, The Netherlands

  • Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teacher Education - Honors programme at University of languages and international studies, Vietnam National University).

Professional Experience:

  • 3 year experience of teaching Vietnamese for foreigners and second-generation Vietnamese in and outside of Vietnam.

  • Coordinate programmes and teach various subjects at the university level in the Netherlands

  • Design curricular and teach English for students at primary and secondary education level in Hanoi, Vietnam

Languages: Vietnamese, English, Dutch

Teaching philosophy: Learning languages is a lifelong journey, I am here to offer guidance and help learners find their best way to learn on their own.


Our mission is to provide real life Vietnamese for learners. We do not want to teach things that our learners are never going to use in the real world! We are proud and confident to say that our curriculum is very authentic that

Regarding Adult courses, only after:
  • first 5 hours of learning, learners are able to pronounce most Vietnamese words correctly, greet and self-introduce in Vietnamese at ease

  • 25 hours of learning, learners are able to present in Vietnamese, communicate in Vietnamese at the most basic level

  • 50 hours of learning, learners are able to acquire more advanced vocabulary, listen to some basic songs and communicate in familiar topics

  • 75 hours of learning, learners are able to read and listen to basic news, watch Vietnamese movies and shows and communicate in Vietnamese at ease.

Regarding Kid courses, only after:
  • first 20 hours of Communicative course, learners are able to develop around 200 Vietnamese words, communicate fluently functional structures and present topics related to familiar situations

  • 40 hours of Communicative course, learners are able to listen and speak Vietnamese more fluently, read and comprehend short paragraphs.

  • 20 to 40 hours of Reading and Writing course, learners are able to read, comprehend and retell some simple stories in Vietnamese.

To do that, we as the teachers try to bring in a real Vietnamese context in every classroom that encourages students to confront, connect and deal with it in Vietnamese. We believe that learners learn best when they find the learning experience meaningful and relevant to their daily lives.

  • Every lesson throughout different courses discusses daily and familiar topics such as greetings, ordering food, going shopping, asking directions, going to the doctor, etc.

  • The learning materials are also authentic, creative and diverse including songs, stories, films, TV series and TV shows, news, etc.

  • The learning activities in class are fun, encouraging and related to real-life situations such as role-playing, interviewing, presentation, story-telling, writing cards, group discussion, etc.

All our learners feel happy and satisfied with the courses as they can easily apply what they have learned in real life.

This curriculum is assessed with a well-structured and measurable assessment. To us, assessment is a key component of learning that provides interpretative insight to teachers about how learners are doing in a class and to what extent they understand course material. From that, we can maximize the learners’ learning ability.

We have different types of assessment throughout our courses including formative and summative assessment to understand learners' learning while we teach as well as at the end of an instructional unit. With continuous assessment and feedback, we can immediately improve the curriculum and adjust teaching strategies accordingly. Some examples of the assessment are short quizzes, presentations, learning projects (filming, storytelling), standardized tests covering 4 language skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

We also provide learners with with least two detailed reports throughout the course grading their learning progress and suggestions for improvement.

To us, learners need endless feedback and support as well as endless teaching. We believe with our well-designed curriculum and assessment, our learners can improve Vietnamese faster than ever!


Every learner is unique. Therefore it is important to facilitate personalized learning to help each learner acquire Vietnamese comfortably in their own way. Let’s see how teachers in Vietmaster are doing that.

Personalized learning paths appropriate with individual level and needs:

When a learner comes to Vietmaster, the first thing to be expected is that they will join a free standard trial lesson with a Vietmaster teacher. Through this lesson, the teacher will be able to assess briefly the level of the student as well as their preferred learning methods. After that, the student can talk more in detail with that teacher about their learning goals and how they like to have the lessons. Vietmaster currently offers Vietnamese courses at multiple levels for (1) communicative and (2) reading and writing purposes for both children and adults. The teacher will also suggest an appropriate course and group, and some activities or resources that can help the students improve outside of the class. With this procedure, we assure that students can take the courses that can really help them achieve their goals.

Personalized instructions based on the level and interests of each class:

With a strong academic background in education and years of experience of working with both young and adult learners, teachers at Vietmaster have honed their lesson planning and activity designing skills to make sure our students receive the most practical and meaningful lessons. It is challenging but meaningful to design classroom activities and personalized homework that consolidate their knowledge and give them a context, an excuse to practice in real life. This is also made possible by our small class size (under 5 students per class).

Technology application in combination with various instructional methods:

Games and learning activities are always fun in language lessons, but to be able to utilize them in the lessons in a meaningful way takes years of training and teaching. With an expert in e-learning and gamification in education in the course design team, we are confident about our captivating lessons. While online lessons are less favorable among teachers, learners and parents, our lessons are so fun and effective that most of our learners and parents of young learners actually prefer them. Our teachers particularly find online lessons a great opportunity to incorporate up-to-date technology in our lessons that our students enjoy so much.


Small-sized classrooms reinforce a highly interactive learning environment:

Vietmaster offers two learning options for every learner: tutoring class (one-on-one with a Vietnamese teacher) and group learning. Regarding group learning, the class size is rather small (maximum 3 students for kid’s classes and 5 students per adult classes) to ensure the quality of teaching and learning. The small-sized classrooms also enable teachers to pay extra care and attention to every student in the class, which is advantageous to language learning in the online learning environment.

Social media channels are used to communicate effectively and boost learning motivation:

Aside from lessons with teachers, students are invited to an exclusive group chat by Vietmaster on Whatsapp. This group chat’s main purposes are to allow Vietmaster’s students to socialize with each other, and also to practice Vietnamese. As online learning is sometimes isolated for learners, the use of social media channels is believed to make students feel more connected and more motivated to study. In addition to group chat for Vietmaster’s students, we manage a Facebook group named Master Vietnamese with Vietmaster for foreigners who love Vietnamese culture and language, and a group for Vietnamese parents named Cùng con học tiếng Việt to share teaching & learning Vietnamese tips. These groups are for community purposes only as our vision is to build a culture-wired and language-focused Vietnamese community globally.

Vietmaster sets a vision to become a hub of Vietnamese language and culture in central Europe:

As Vietnamese people who work and live in Europe, we understand deeply the need for connecting with the Vietnamese culture and language of the Vietnamese community overseas. Therefore, we have hosted a wide range of after-class activities and cultural events for both Vietnamese young generations and foreigners who live in Europe and the USA since our establishment. Specifically, we hosted different workshops teaching Vietnamese for adults, story-telling for kids, and organized Tet events. These activities have gained positive feedback from participants, which has become our motivation to continue our vision of bringing Vietnamese culture to the world. Thanks to these activities, our students have stayed more connected to Vietnamese origin and sustained their interest in learning Vietnamese.

If you are curious and want to know what we are doing in our classes, feel free to book a trial with us and find out!

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